Here we go

Hello, hi, bonjour salut, hola?……

Hi, I’m R.
I’m a 18 year old boy. I am gay and suffers from bulimia and OCD. I have a shitty family, some bad friends, a good sister, some good friends and I am also admitted to the psychiatry. I love alcohol and cigarettes, bad series and depressing songs. Welcome to my shitty life.
Which in the end of this hopefully will be just okay.

I always knew that I was gay, but I hid it until about a year ago. And this was a consequence of my shitty family and our shitty society. I’m not completely out and proud, but I’m out for most people, besides my shitty family. I have had an eating disorder over the last five years and was diagnosed with OCD and Anxiety about a year ago.

Bummer of the day:
My psychopathic brother found out that I probably am gay and now I’m doing everything that it takes, so he won’t tell my psychopathic father, who probably would kill me.

Threw up

One great thing of the day: 
Blogging I guess

Btw my family are Muslims, I do not know what I am, probably not religious. My father has two wives and nine children. I have three full siblings and six half. I am the second youngest. My father is a creep, my half-siblings are psychopaths, my little sister is a child and then there are my big sister and me.
My best friend is Quynh(Theresa, Thuy, Thilde) a lot of names.
My other friends are Naya and Lise
Then there are the other assholes who don’t deserve a shoutout

And then there are the girls from the hospital, funny how people with the same mental issues just connect perfectly!

I’m going through some changes right know, and I think I’m, gonna blog about the whole damn thing!

So yes, yet again welcome to my shitty life! I hope you will stay turned for more.

– R


4 Replies to “Here we go”

  1. It gets better, kid. It really does. While reading your blog, the best advice I can give you is to learn to love yourself as you are. Do not let what anyone else thinks about you influence any decision you make, YOU are the only person responsible for YOUR happiness.


  2. Hey R!
    Its really nice to know you. I ve been going through your blog posts recently and figured you might need someone to talk to… It seems like you re confused all the time so why dont we find an answer to your problems? I really want to help you because you seem like a good person. Heres my email id I ll be waiting for your reply. Hope you re not creeped out by me… but i sincerely want to help you.

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