Love life??????????????

Wisdom !!!!

Omg!!! So after having stalked all exes respectively on facebook and instagram, I decide to write to N, from Sweden and he is just so sweet and handsome! However, he is terrible at answering, still waiting for that answer N!!

Anyway, it all made me think of the past and inspired me to do a ex-list! Only with the people who matter!

So here we go!

  1. Emma from kindergarden(didn’t exactly know how it worked back then, don’t even remember it, but there are pictures of us kissing uhh) She grew up to be a bitch
  2. Caroline – middle school(again hiding the fact that I clearly was gay) She grew up to be a diva
  3. Qq Theresa – The love of my life and still is though more as a sister from another mister, bffs – she grew up to be an angel HAHA okay too corny
  4. Marius(first guy) – half Spanish ugly asshole(Who is apparently straight now, who is he kidding -.-)
  5. Nicklas(Not mature and too feminin, still Facebook friends)
  6. Kjell – Swedish dickhead Kjell – hate him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Sasa(Mr) – first time – hate him fucking asshole!! Apparently also straight but that guy is definitely gay… F!!!!!!!ch?@&)$$ him..!!..
  8. 27 year old fat guy Jonas – dryhump( We all been there)
  9. Peter(ugly and anoying)
  10. Mathias(immature, smelly dick and too much in love…. Can’t believe I gave that smelly d a blowjob… I might just throw up……

Then there is 1000&”@”… Chats and dates, 1 random blowjob and a few dryhumps.

I give up…….

Still no answer from N..

– R


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