Anger vs. sadness 

The last few days my head has been filled with anger towards everything! Especially my family, before this anger arrived my head was filled with sadness and OCD which was horrible. 
Today as I was walking home I could feel the anger letting go and the sadness coming back. 

It’s funny how it is easier to be angry than sad. When you are angry you sort of wanna do something, you wanna get your anger out, but when you are sad, you are just tired of life and despairing. 

I’m so tired of having all of these bad feelings inside my head, I just wanna scream!!!!!! I hate it, I would give everything for someone to take away the pain…. I feel fat, ugly and forever alone…. Just wanna throw up forever, which is disgusting!!! 

Still no answer from Swedish N… 


Anyway, I’m probably not in a mental state were I should be dating 

Well I hope he is well anyways 

…. That’s a lie, fuck that dickhead!! 
Tired of life and without Swedish guy… 

Shit! shit! shit!!!!!…….!

– R 


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