Hating everything at the moment 

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

– Martin Luther king

I might just throw up, I’m fucking hating everyone for one reason:

I’m suppose to love them, but they are doing everything they can to make me hate them!!! There fucking no place for love here Mr. King

I’m so tired of that fucking family! So I couldn’t fall asleep until 4, and then by bitchass mom and little sister starts yelling at 9, and when I tell them to shot up my mom fucking gets angry at me, and starts yelling at me…..Omg how I hate them, fucking nobody takes me seriously, I’m so tired of that women pretending to be a mom when she clearly have no idea what’s she’s doing, she haven’t cooked dinner last few weeks, only when my dad is here! The rest of the time, she’s far to fucking lazy to do anything, even taken it seriously that I am sick!! She can’t even fucking do that, she’s such a raging bitch!!

I’m still stressed about my psychopathic half brother who stalked his way to my old blog and find out that I might be gay………………….

And now we all need to celebrate a joined birthday for my stepmom and my own mom, which in it self is pretty fucked up!! A man who’s got two wives just smash their birthdays together…0.o…….

And we need to act like a perfect family where everyone likes each other, and if I make any scene my psycho brother tells my psycho dad….

And also I’m just so tired of the fact that all of this family drama makes me stress eat, which all makes me throw up…. I need to get away from here!!! Can’t you give your family up for adoption???? Although I wound’t wanna put anyway through this either. ..

I’m so tired of being sad, angry and Anxious all the time, and a lot of it, is because of that fucking family!!! Ha$@&&&&&&&tteeee them!!!

And I’m sooooo tired of pretending not to be gat… So tired that it is such a big of a deal… Having my parents a bit extra for that one!!…..!…

I’m going to my therapist tomorrow and that also makes me a bit nervous, because I know things aren’t going well…

And another fucking fuck thing about feeling like this is that nobody of your friends actually sees it!!! I mean I don’t have the energy to spend fucking time with any of them, and then they get all angry, because they don’t know a shit about my mental health… Hate them too

Hate everyone!!!!


You get some hate.. You get some hate… Family gets a lot of hate, I get some hate, everyfuckingsingleone gets some hate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a another level that Swedish jerk, N actually answered me to times, and then stopped again, haven’t heard a word since yesterday 03.00 in the afternoon….

Definitely give up, he’s not even that handsome when I come to think about it.

Fucking fuck day with a bit of extra fuck

Shot me


– R


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