Who do they think they are? 

I have personal met a lot of bad people through the years, boyfriend’s, friends, family etc. And a lot of then have hurt me bad! And I think we all met these people but some of us take their words more serious. 

And today when I was talking to my therapist about my past and why I don’t trust people, it really hit me how many bad people I have stood by while they destroyed me. 

And like my therapist said, who do they think they are? 

And yes exactly who the fuck do they think they are, to make me feel this way. Who the fuck do they think they are to control me, to make ne feel less about myself, to make me feel ashamed. 

They are what I make them. 

If I choose to let them affect me, they have power over me, but if I choose to say hell with them, they are nobody, and their words means nothing.

I think we as people let too many bad people hurt us, because we let them! And in a lot of cases their words really just are rubbish, evil rubbish from evil insecure people. 

And instead of letting these kind of people get to us! We should all be asking the question,                                          

Who the fuck do they think they are? 

– R 


2 Replies to “Who do they think they are? ”

  1. You have a good point here. I’ve experienced hurt in my life as well, though it’s probably nothing along the lines of the hurt you have experienced. I’ve mostly learned to let go of those who hurt you, yet there are those I still want to keep in my life. Family, mostly. Even though they disagree with me over things, they are still my family. I don’t know, sentiment mostly. A book I read, No More Mr. Nice Guy by Robert Glover, has done wonders for helping me get over of a lot of the trauma I’ve experienced and move on. I still deal with some of the shit that I grew up with, but mostly I’m much more mentally stable. You might give it a read and see if you might glean something from it. All the best…


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