I’m not a stereotype! 

The worst thing about being sexual identified as a gay guy, is that people think they know so many things about you, and that a lot of them thinks that my sexuality defines me. 

I’m a person who wears a bit of makeup(foundation, color corrector and concealer), because I’m really insecure about my skin, and if I don’t look good, I won’t have any confidence. That is just the way it is. 

When people hear this, they automatically assume, that oh well that’s because I’m gay and want to be more feminine. Which really isn’t the case!!! 

I don’t see any connections between these two areas. A lot of straight men wears makeup, because it enhances your beauty. So why is it gay? Why do you assume that I want to be more feminine because I’m gay??  

When people say that they always wanted a gay friend, I’m screaming inside, because why should that change anything? I’m the same person as I was before my friends knew, I’m just honest about who I’m sleeping with. 

And some people are more feminine, while some are more masculine, which is just fine, just don’t think you know things about people identified as gay, before you actually know

And why do you just assume, that I’m into women’s shopping?? I am a man, and I like to wear men’s clothes, I don’t want to be a woman just so you know it. 

Being gay really just means that I’m attracted to men, that’s it! Don’t assume you know me, don’t make me a stereotype, ask me, find out yourself instead of predicting who I am. 

And another thing I’m tired of! Is you worrying about gay sex, and calling it disgusting. First of all, all kinds of sex is a bit disgusting, gay sex isn’t the only one. And why do you worry? I mean it is not you who need to do it, so if you have a problem with just keep your nose out of it. 

Be respectful, and remember that a sexuality defines your sexual preference, not your personality. 

– R 


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