Ups and downs 

So went to my therapist today, and today, everything just was a bit hard. I have been throwing up a lot the last few days, and have had a lot of anxious thoughts. It is so hard for me, when things are going worse than usually. 

When this happens, I wanna give up, not just on the fight, but just on life in general. And it is so hard for me to have these bad, depressing thoughts in my head. 

But like my therapist said, in the treatment of mental illness, there will be ups, and downs. You just got to get trough the bad times, to get the good times. It won’t last forever although it seems like that. I’m a bit down, and I really don’t feel motivated or anything. But there’s a new day tommorow. And it is not time to give up. 

Let’s all stay strong and keep fighting our battles. 

All the best 

– R 


8 Replies to “Ups and downs ”

  1. I found that the more you talk about what you’re experiencing , it helps. That’s why I started blogging. Vent to the universe! And a therapist helps too. But ultimately, take every day as it comes. We all have ups and downs, it’s part of life.


  2. I know that feeling pls hold on and don’t give up♡ it’s not easy, it’s freaking hard, but it can get better and worthwhile ♡


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