What now?

I’m really not doing well. I just threw up ones again. I don’t understand why I feel this way. I don’t understand why things just can’t be better. So tired of this shit, but I’m still doing it. Ironic huh?  

There’s no one to call ’cause I’m just playing games with them all

The more I swear I’m happy, the more that I’m feeling alone

‘Cause I spent every hour just going through the motions

I can’t even get the emotions to come out

Dry as a bone, but I just wanna shout
What now? I just can’t figure it out

What now? I guess I’ll just wait it out (wait it out)

What now? Somebody tell me

What now?

Been listening a lot to Rihanna’s song “What now” and I really like the lyrics, because I can relate to it at this moment. I think the question what now are something we all ask ourselves now and then, but the important thing is trying to find an answer, and if not, its the patience until you find it, because you will find it. 

It really scares me that I’m doing worse. It is frustrating to do better, but then go back to the beginning again. But I want a happy ending. And somehow I know that I’m gotta get one. Just need to figure out how. 
We should all be fighting for a happy ending. 

– R 


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