10 things I hate about being gay

  1. Not knowing whether or not the guys you meet at bars are gay 
  2. That almost everyone in the gay community just are looking for sex 
  3. That almost everyone in the gay community are in a relationship(still just looking for sex) 
  4. Every girl you meet thinks you’re a stereotypical gay guy. 
  5. That it is sooooo hard to get a boyfriend. 
  6. The awkwardness of changing with your guy friends
  7. My family and some friends I had in the past, that just don’t approve 
  8. How difficult gay sex is(I mean it takes a lot of effort and showering) 
  9. Growing up 
  10. Men(can you give your sexuality a day off?) 

6 Replies to “10 things I hate about being gay”

  1. I totally agree with all ten things you listed. It would be nice if I could shut it off sometimes and just be asexual. Lol


  2. Funnily enough, most of your list can apply to straight people too. And overall, alot of men are just looking for sex no matter whether straight, gay or bi and single or in a relationship. As a woman, its hard to get a boyfriend too, even when you like bi guys!

    Be strong! We are all in this together. Gender doesn’t matter, neither does sexuality. We’re all human!


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