The festival guy

Why, why, why does everything need to be so awkward. 

So I needed to meet up with a guy at a festival! And I was so drunk when we got there. He was so hot. As we got there I discovered that he had brought his little sister. Who was a bit younger than me, but she was 18. He was flirting a lot with me, and I thought finally! Then me and his little sister got lost for fucking 2 hours. And she really opening up to me, and started crying! Which all was a bit awkward, given the situation. But then we talked about how hot her brother was.

We then get back to her brother, and he is like, “let’s all go home to my place”.

On the way we start talking about everything, and he is stil really sweet. But then… 

He ask which cigarettes I’m smoking, and the follows by saying “My boyfriend is smoking them aswell.” 

And I’m like what the fuck… And I’m a bit sad. So I text my friends, and tell them, “he’s got a boyfriend, get me out of here”, but then my battery dies…

So I’m going with them…. To his apartment. To charge my phone, but I can’t say any of that. So I just wait until there is enough battery, and the I literary run away… And the day after I got a friend requests from his annoying little sister, who should have told me that he had a boyfriend. 

Anyway, yesterday(still at the festival), I text him, “where are you”, and he says he is at the rides, and that I just come. I’m really drunk at this point, and ask him, ” hmm, haven’t you got a boyfriend huh?

Then I can hear him, he is like hey R(that’s me), and says that we should try the ride. But my friend and I need to pie, but he told is to come back, and we did. And then when we got back he is with his boyfriend and ignorer me…. FML! And fuck him!

No more alcohol…. 

– R


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