Omg, omg, omg!!! 

So the guy I needed to met Friday, ask me if I wanted to go for a walk today. And I was like hell yeah, because on the picture he looked damn hot. 

When I arrived I couldn’t see him, only a fat older guy with small glasses and weird clothes. It was him.

I panicked and said that I needed to go. 

At first I laught, because it was quite funny, I had actually been catfished. Then I got embarrassed, because omg it is so embarrassing. Then I felt sort of bad, because it’s a bit unfortunate for that guy. Then I got angry, because why the fucked would he pretend to be someone he isn’t. And then I got sad. 

Because of course, of course, of course. Why should anyone other that mr. Ugly find me attractive. Why should I ever find someone who likes me. 

I fucking hate it!!! 

Then I went to a gay bar we have in my city. I went there alone. There was only old people and one semi hot guy. Nothing happened. The only one I talked to was to girls who were so fucking weird. 

Then I went home ate a bunch of candy and throw up. 

The weirdest funniest and saddest day ever!! 

I hope that your day’s went a lot better! 

– R


2 Replies to “Awkward ”

  1. So sorry that you got catfished. It’s sad that people do that, but on the other side. At least he turned up. He probably lacks confidence in his appearance and chose to put a pic of a hot guy on his profile. But it’s still deception. Tomorrow will be a better day! Be positive.


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