5 things I hate about mental illness

  1. Being afraid of yourself 
  2. Pretending you are fine in front of others than your close friends 
  3. Other people 
  4. When people think that it is a simple sickness, and that I,  for example, should JUST stop throwing up(I probably would have if it was this simple)
  5. Not knowing 100 % what is going on inside your mind, and not knowing how to get well

– R 


3 Replies to “5 things I hate about mental illness”

  1. well first of all I am going to send you the biggest sparkliest ug ever. Then I am going to tell ou to breate. And then I am going to tell you that sometimes life sucks but it gets better. Then I am going to send you the link to a ptoject I was part of and it may make you smile….I hope so.

    Mental Illness is so prevalent in society today. A singer/songwriter came up with this song and asked a group of us to post pictures with messages to those out there that are struggling. Well the song is out and my messages to the world are in. If you get a chance, listen to the song…share the video. We are all hoping to make an impact on the world and let people know that the are not alone. We Are Apples

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