Could he be the one?


I took the train to his town. He picked me up and took me for coffee. We went home to his place. Ate some food. Smoked some cigarettes(or I did). Cuddled a bit. Had amazing sex. Slept in each others arms. Woke up. Had breakfast. Went for a walk, hand in hand. Kissed godbye. And then I took the train back home. Miss him.

I mean I know that it is only our second date, but there is just something about him. Normally I feel so insecure about myself and hate when men touch me. And I must admit that it still was a bit uncomfortable but not how it used to be. I felt so safe. Also I actually slept that night, which I normally can’t do. So it was pretty amaxing. Looking forward to out third date.
Wish me luck!

All the best

– R


6 Replies to “Could he be the one?”

  1. Hello my friend
    The feelings of a new relationship can feel like flying. He may be the one, the best way to know is how he responds in the hard times. We all have our heart broken, many times because no one said slow your horses.
    I wish you well.


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