I mean come on!!!!!!

So woke up today with the most disgusting skin in the world, and the biggest pimple on my cheek. Why!!!! I mean don’t my skin know that I just started dating a cute guy? Sometimes I wish my skin would cooperate just a bit….

Went to work, not the new fuck job, but a shift on my old job. And this new guy that was just a bit too cute had started. He was a smoker, ate like five chocolate bars. And he had perfect skin!!! I mean if there was a god, he sure has not been fair. Would stealing his perfect and tanned skin be too much??????

I just wanna look good for the boy I’m dating. It is actually nice to like someone!

But now and then, as my ocd and depressive thoughs are running a marathon in my head, I doubt whether or not to keep dating him,and start having second thoughts and all. I mean come on!! Why does that fucking mentally ill side of me always try to make everything worse?

Anyway I haven’t throwed up since Tuesday last week. I have a few cuts on my wrist. But who cares, because there is a boy out there, who likes me!! Why does it just makes everything a bit easier?

It just worries me that I sometimes feel the way I do.
Does anyone have any good advice?

All the best

– R


7 Replies to “I mean come on!!!!!!”

  1. Drinking water helps with complexion. It will flush out impurities from your body. Everyone has self doubt and wants to feel loved. You need to believe in yourself, that you are worthy of affection. You have alot of great qualities.

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  2. I think loving yourself would be the best advice. Something I’m just starting to try to do for real in my life.
    When you truly love yourself, it’s all but impossible for the right people to do anything but love you.

    And don’t stress the pimple, stress just makes acne worse. Trust me on this one.
    I would give more specific advice on acne but I don’t know what your skin is like.
    Write to me anytime you need to. *hugs*


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