Just so you know it, this is not something I want!

The worst thing about mental illness is the people you meet. I have had some great people around me, but I’ve also had a lot of bad people! 

  • People who think I want attention.

Excuse me, but I’m so embarrassed about my mental stuff! I don’t go around and tell people so they can feel bad for me. Because I don’t even feel bad for me. I say it out loud to the people I trust so I don’t give the sickness control. I hide it for everyone else. It is a sickness. You don’t tell people with cancer, that they are doing it for attention huh?

  • People who also have mental illness who thinks they know whether it’s fake or not.

Again excuse me. But who do you think you are? It is a sickness, I don’t choose it. And I wish I wasn’t as sick, but that isen’t the case. Hate to disappoint you. 

  • People who when talking to you, think that they need something painfull in their lifes too.

This is so disgusting! To all of you people who are faking mental illness, making small things into serious problems, stop! Just stop! Be happy for the things you got, and be happy that you aren’t sick. Again I don’t want this, I wish I was born without it! And if you want it, you can have it. 

  • People who think they got you all figured out. 

Please don’t flatter yourself. No one exept yourself knows what is going on in your brain. Unless you have an education that gives you the power to see some patterns and stuff, just stay out of it. 

  • People who makes mental illness a Tabu. 

No, no, no. Just don’t. Mental illness, is a SICKNESS. A SICKNESS. A SICKNESS. You can talk about cancer, astma, heart disease. But not mental problems. Which also is a medical problem??  What is wiring with you people??! !!#**!!>|€^}!!! 

Please respect people with mental problems, don’ make them feel bad about themself, they really don’t need that. Trust me! 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject? 

All the best. 

– R 


5 Replies to “Just so you know it, this is not something I want!”

  1. I totally understand. My ex husband has mental illness. It actually runs in both sides of his family. I’ve seen what it does to families. Those who fake it should be ashamed. People going through it need love and support. Don’t let other people get to you. We know it is a struggle.

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