Should I dump him?/One night stand

So as some of you might know, I have been dating a guy the last couple of weeks. Now from the beginning I haven’t been feeling anything, but I thought I would give him a try. But we really don’t have anything in commen, and he is just not turning me on, which both is an important thing. I always need to take first move, and when we are talking he almost isen’t saying anything. 

Secondly my mental health has been freaking out the last couple of weeks, so I can’t do it, I’m probably not capable of loving anyone before I love myself, so I have decided to wait with all of this dating shit until I’m better. But how do I dump him???? And should I??? 

Now a couple of days ago, I went out to get drinks with one of my friends at a gay bar, I needed to meet up with my sister in tree hours, so I didn’t have that much time. And then a guy started flirting with me, and before I knew we were walking towards his apartment, he was so hot, and so mature, so saying no really wasn’t an option. I felt a bit more confident because a guy like that wanted me! He lived in the biggest apartment in central Copenhagen. 

He gived me a glass of champagne and the conversation is just flowing, then we have sex, and we drink more champagne, but I need to go meet up with me sister, and right before I’m going he mentions that he is 34! So yes he was a bit old, but everything was so amazing. And that is what I want, not a guy who can’t even start a conversation… 

Now of course this was just a one night stand, but I like to think that I could find someone like this. 

But any advice on letting the other guy go? 

All the best 

– R 


12 Replies to “Should I dump him?/One night stand”

  1. I agree with these guys. I had to break things off with this guy earlier this year and im glad i did. He was nothing compared to my ex-fiance. Im 21 and my ex-fiance was 39. I’m into older men too. If you like older men, go for it. Life is short to settle for less.

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  2. Oh my sweet R. You remind me SO much of me. Like…. SO much!! :]

    And I want to give some advice to you. I did this and it has helped me stay true to me.

    Make a list of qualities your dream man will hold. I titled mine My Man. After many hookups, interactions, boyfriends, etc. I came to realize I knew what I wanted and needed in a partner.

    I created the list on my iPod touch so it went with me everywhere and I could add to it with time as more ideas popped up.

    It has kept me honest. It has also kept me on track of what is something I will never again sacrifice my happiness for [i sacrificed a lot in my previous long term relationship for fear of being alone].

    When you see this list, it also gives you a surge of confidence, I find. Like, hey–this is me. And that man just isn’t cut out for me and is not MY puzzle piece. That is ok because I will keep looking till I find my piece.

    In regards to your hookup–I think you learned a lot from that! You want someone who is mature and meets your conversational needs. Nothing wrong. Add it to the list!! ;]

    Don’t settle!! You deserve it!!

    And this here…this is a step towards loving yourself: admitting what you want. Because once you know what you want, you have it down, then the next step will be to admit you deserve someone who meets your top nonsettling qualities.

    Baby steps.

    Make that list, R!! 💕

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      1. It’s really empowering!! :] helps you sort your thoughts AND it is allowed to change because you will change your priorities as you discover more of yourself, ya know?

        Glad to share! Anything to help someone else especially when I’ve suffered through similar stuff. Why go down this path alone?

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  3. Boy if you know you are not going to be with him in the long run, in a good way you ware doing him a favor, the faster he is gone the less his feeling get hurt and the faster you can stop feeling like you did something wrong. simple as that bae

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