5 things… 

I’m going to make a few lists, because it has been a while. 

5 Things I absolutely HATE. 

  1. Dick pics(Destroy them)
  2. Beer(Wine and vodka pls) 
  3. Men in tank tops
  4. Men in speedos 
  5. People who say fabulous 

Can people please.. 

  1. Grow up and accept that some men like to get it in the butt
  2. Stop being in love with themselves? 
  3.  Accept when they are wrong! 
  4. Learn not to stare at stangers 

5 things I want(updated) 

  1. A boyfriend 
  2. 1 million
  3. A car 
  4. An apartment in central London 
  5. An ability to eat without gaining weight!! 

Would it be okay if.. 

  1. I just stoped time for a day or two? 
  2. I Married Christian Grey even though he is a sex freak? 
  3. A royal person became gay??? 
  4. The prizes of cigarettes dropped? 
  5. I’m laughing at my own lists? 

Hope you all are doing well! 

All the best 

– R 


10 Replies to “5 things… ”

  1. Great lists! Though i don’t smoke, I agree with the rest. Honestly, when you’ve seen one dick pic, you’ve seen them all. There’s more to a man than his dick!

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