Long time no see???????

Honestly I don’t know what happened. Why I haven’t been posting for a while. Whether it is the bulimia, the cutting, quiting my job or getting dumped by a man that finally showed me that I was capable of having feelings.

Lets just say that a lot of shitty things has happened, including me turning 19 november 22th. It was a shitty day.

Well lets speed things up and explain some of the things that have happened by making a list.

Under no circumstances will I ever again

  1. Date a boy who is confused about who he is
  2. Date a boy who only want to have “a nice time” once in a while
  3. Make someone a favor without knowing that the person won’t return the favor if the have the option
  4. Drink heavily to days in a row
  5. Let a guy cum inside my ass, without knowing that that son of a bitch respects me
  6. Throw of because of a fuckboy
  7. Self harm because of a fuckboy
  8. Use time on my flaky friends
  9. Use time on my fucking shit family who makes me ashamed because I’m gay, and just make me feel wrong for being who I am
  10. Spend my birthday with people who don’t care about me
  11. Spend my birthday at my mom’s place
  12. Let myself get fat again
  13. Lying about who I am
  14. Do things I don’t want to do
  15. Depend on anyone but myself

Basically I just hate everyone but somehow survive because I for some reason is a strong person.

Anyway I’m going to London tomorrow with my best friend, and it is going to be amazing.

Stay turned! 

– R



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