Once upon a time(gay love wish) 

For some reason I always end up dating losers or fuckboys. Why can’t I get something in between.

You know someone who will love you, and who are sweet as a peach. But who also gets jealous, want to protect you, and more importantly, someone who can fuck like a fuckboy. 

I want someone who has a kind soul, but who makes my mouth run in water. 

I want someone who makes me feel beautiful, someone that accept me for who I am. Someone who is strong enough to lift me, but emotional enough to comfort me. 

I want someone to take me on a date with delicious food, someone who don’t worry too much about getting fat. 

Someone who is in shape, but who isn’t perfect. 

I want someone to save me. To same me from all the pain, someone who can help me love myself. Someone who can take away these horrible mental issues that has been with me far too long. 

I want someone who makes me safe. 

I want someone who I can give my love, who I can take care of. 

But that is all a fairytale, not reality. 

But deep down I have this big wish that he is out there, waiting for me. 

– R 


6 Replies to “Once upon a time(gay love wish) ”

  1. Just goes to show that no matter what someone’s sexual orientation is,we all want the same thing. If I found a man with those same qualities, I wouldn’t let him go. I hope you find a guy like that, You deserve happiness.

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  2. No man can help with your psychological issues. That’s a battle we all fight on our own. Everything else you mentioned seems to be on point though. Lol

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  3. I rarely i have the emotion you have, unfortunately for me i had been push away by him, just because im like .. my attitude like his ex bf 🙂 im still accept and i still love him dont know why he ask me to be friend but i know deep down he’s just afraid of having his heart hurt again and more iportantly im the ơne who gonna get hủrt too, because he know the result but no matter what who would answer a phone call from like every times i call him even i’am a talker, a burden, annoyed? He did 🙂 thats why even if he reject me again i will still stand up for him blindly as you see. But who cares not me 🙂 i love him.

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