I will never meddle, ever again! 

For some art reason people always come to me with their problems. And that is actually fine. I mean, I like helping people, I like to give them my advice on how their can fix their problems. But sometimes it can be bloody dangerous to meddle with other people’s business. 

I guess that I am just a bit tired of trying to help someone, who don’t really give a shit about me. And I am even more tired of being the one that everyone gets mad at, because I tried to help. 

There is one recent particularly eposode that really just pissed me off. 

So I’m at this party with my friends. At this party there is a couple. And I know both of them pretty well, I actually introduced them to one another. Anyway, this girl who always run with gossip, tells me some pretty shocking stuff about the guy from the couple, he was just being a total jerk behind his girlfriend’s back. Now I’m closer with the girl from the relationship, so I decide to tell her. 

I tell her about all of it, and she cries, and I feel so bad! But I also felt like it was the right thing to do. I asked if she could keep my name clean for her boyfriend, because I didn’t wanted to fuck up our friendship. 

Now first of all she told him about me at the beginning. Secondly both of them got mad at me, saying that made more drama than was neassasary. 

This truly makes me sad and fucking angry. Because I felt uncomfortable telling my friend about her boyfriend, but I did it to help her. I didn’t feel like she diserved to be treated like that. 

But you know what, I am just done with helping people, because apparently they rather live in their fucked up relationships than being helped. 

– R


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