It’s normal to me, why can’t it be normal to you? 

I cannot explain how many times that some stranger or even people I know, feel the need to tell me that they are not okay with me being gay.

When I was hitting the clubs last weekend, just having a good time with my friends, some straight immature dudes, starts to laugh and point at me, talking with a more feminine voice, talking about anal sex, and just being jerks. I am the sort of person who do not take other people’s crap, so of course I speak up, and then at one point my friend is like, we gotta get out of here before they gonna come after you. And that really pissed me off, because why is it that just because I am gay, I need to end my night early because of some dickheads??

A couple of days ago I was at a late New Years dinner with my volunteer work. At this dinner we had a lot of different discussions, and it was really exciting to hear the different opinions. At one point we talked about fetishes.  About hardcore s&m and a fetish where adult men dress up as babies and get their diaper changed, to get sexual satisfied. WEIRD RIGHT!!

Anyway, I said that I had seen a documentary where the girls actually was abused, and that I did not think that it should be happening. I said that I truly believe that many of these people should see a psychologist. Then one of the others do not agree. This person is a woman, she is studying psychology at the university. She says, “I find that strange, I would think that you being gay,  you would probably be able to understand strange fetishes” And then I said what are you talking about, I have sex with men because I’m gay, this is not a choice, it is just as normal as you being straight. Then she said that she was against homosexuality, and that she did not believe that it was a choice, and that I should be okay with people’s fetishes because I was gay. Then I got fucking angry and said, excuse me very much, but aren’t you a psychologist student? Can you honestly say that it isn’t a psychological issue that a man only can get sexual satisfaction if he dresses up as a baby or if he hits a woman? And I said that I actually fell sorry for them, because it must be difficult to find someone who has the same fetish as them, so I think they should see a therapist and work with these issues. And then I said, I hope that you change your attitude towards being gay, before you are going to work as a therapist.  

I get so mad at these people, because  growing up I was so ashamed with being gay, my family is against it. Like this has been such an issue for me. But now I accept that I am gay, and that it is wonderful, and then it pisses me off that people I don’t even know have the need to tell me that it is wrong.

These are just some examples, but it happens so often to me. And if you are gay, it probably happens a lot to you as well.

Now the big question that recurs year after year, day after day. Why is hate towards being gay still existing? Especially in 2016?

Please tell me.



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