5 things that I’ve learned from my eating disorder. 


There are 5 things that I try to remind myself everyday. I don’t follow these things completely at the moment, but it is what I’ve learned, some golden advices that, in some ways, helps me on my way to recovery. 

  • Food is necessary, it is something we need to survive.

(So if you are hungry, then fucking eat some) 

  • Guilt and shame is not something that we can connect to eating.

(That is the eating disorder and the insecurity that makes you feel the guilt, it is unrealistic, irrational)

  • Nobody is perfect, so I do not need to be perfect. 

(Perfect is an illusion, it is goal that never will be succeeded, so be as you are, and accept that it is the new perfect) 

  • An eating disorder is a sickness, and you should always fight a sickness, not feed it(literally). 

(If you had cancer, you wouldn’t just keep on smoking??? You would fight the sickness, before it is to late) 

  • You need to have a goal! My goal is to be happy, it is being able to eat without thinking about how fat I’m gonna get. 

So there you have it. Try to use these things in your way to recovery! 

All the best 

– R


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