Facing a truth

I mean everyone drinks to much nowadays. We almost drink at every single occasion. But when do we know when it’s taking over?? 

I mean I don’t see myself having an alcohol problem. I see myself getting in to an alcohol problem. And with everything else I’m dealing with, I don’t need that. 

So this is me, facing the truth. Trying to prevent a problem to arise. 

And here I ask you my fellow WordPress people. How do I do that???? And how can I keep my social life, without drinking as much? 

– R


4 Replies to “Facing a truth”

  1. That was me two summers ago. Me and a close friend at the time were drinking almost every night. She was also fueling my eating disorder (she has one too). And I k ow it doesn’t really help but one thing that helped me was, she was an awful drunk, and I couldn’t take care of her while I was also drunk, so I started drinking a little less. Also at the time I was living with my parent, and my dad used to be an alcoholic and they expressed their concerns.

    But to be honest, the only reason I stopped drinking was that she and I grew apart and we didn’t hang out anymore and I didn’t have anyone to drink with. Also alcohol never solved any of my problems. And worse, even though I would not eat before I drank, alcohol has a lot of calories in it, really turned me off.

    It’s good that you see that it will become a problem, maybe that way you can get ahead of it.

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  2. Limit yourself. Have a drink and not much more. I always told myself, which is true, I’d rather eat my calories. Because alcohol also costs more. Or say you’re going with the Lent trend right now to support a friend and gave it up!!

    I stopped for a bit because of meds I was on. Realized it was better for me because it was getting me into a looot of trouble. Like I couldn’t eat unless I was wasted. Not good Obvi.

    You can pick times you want to. Plus controlling alcohol for me helped me focus on that instead of food for awhile.

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