10 things that may not be okay for me to feel or think…. 

We all have our dark sides, unhealthy thoughts, or unrealistic ways of life etc. It’s time to speak up! I invite everyone who is reading this, to make their own list. 

Time to confess! 

  1. Sometimes when people share their “normal” problems and issues, I compare it to my own life, and think bitch please your life is easy. I know you can’t compare these things, but I do.. 
  2. When someone is really unattractive, or smells or something, I feel  embarrassed to be seen with them. Which is such a shame.. 
  3. I’m never mean to anyone unless they are mean to me. But when people annoy me, chances are, I will speak behind their backs… Awful!!
  4. There is a big voice in my head that tells me I’m fat, useless, and sick! Sometimes I listen to it.. Which is a big mistake.. 
  5. I’m a strong believer in first impression, and if you give a bad one, it’s gonna take a lot to change that. 
  6. I believe that I will find a true love. A man that is perfect in every single way. A man that will live up to every dream, every requirements. And nothing less. So unrealistic I know, that is probably why I’m single I guess haha. 
  7. My dad always saw and pointed out every single flaw and mistakes that us children had. In result of this, I always find peoples flaws and mistakes, I don’t point them out or say anything, but I analyze them in my head… So sad. 
  8. A part of me identify with being mentally ill, and uses it as an excuse.. Lifecrime.. 
  9. I always look at men in the locker room, and uses the images later on… Weird..
  10. I wish that everyone I meet, would tell me that I’m beautiful.,

This makes me sound like the biggest bitch, and most insecure person ever. I’m really not, I promise. However, it sure did feel good to confess these things.

Write a comment if you’re gonna write a post, I would love to read it! 

All the best 


2 Replies to “10 things that may not be okay for me to feel or think…. ”

  1. I think that most of these are being done by all people from time to time.
    And point no.9 is definitely something that 100% of male guys, no matter straight or gay, do.

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